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About Tanzania

Our past work in Tanzania was focused on building a strong healthcare system that can help people living with HIV to live life in all its fullness. Over 12,000 people living with HIV now have access to HIV care thanks to work of Mildmay in Tanzania.

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Current work

There is no current programme work at Mildmay Tanzania presently due to funding constraints. We only have education work running at the moment – see above. Partnership priorities which we would like to develop in the future are:

1. Scaling up HIV care and support in prisons (inmates, prison staff and families, communities surrounding prisons) – this is our number one priority.

2. Increasing access to comprehensive paediatric care including early infant diagnosis, pyschosocial care, ART enrolment and adherence

3. Sexual and reproductive health and the rights of women living with HIV

4. Prevention with positives – equipping people living with HIV to deliver powerful prevention and testing messages

5. Caring for carers; empowerment of health workers living with HIV; community carers and children and young people’s guardians

6. Strengthening district HIV coordination, quality assurance and reporting mechanisms

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HIV in Tanzania

Around 1.4 million people are living with HIV on the Tanzanian mainland, including 130,000 children.

Poverty is a key factor in the epidemic in Tanzania and with 34 per cent of households living below the poverty line HIV is having a devastating effect. It is estimated that there would be 40 per cent fewer deaths in Tanzania if it weren’t for HIV and there is a growing concern over the deaths and long-term sickness of people with essential skills – for example by the end of 2010, an estimated 27,000 teachers were lost to HIV

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Our diploma programme

Mildmay Tanzania offers a diploma course in HIV Care and Management in partnership with Kilimanjaro Christian Medical College (Tumaini University at KCMC). Students learn how to provide quality healthcare services in the community and clinical context.

To find out more about how to apply for the diploma, please contact KCMC on +255 27 2754377-2754383 or email

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Mildmay Tanzania is not ‘a go it alone’ agency and recognises the importance of working in partnership. Mildmay Tanzania already works closely with a number of in-country agencies to ensure that our quality care and training reaches as many people as possible in the most cost effective way possible. These include:

Ministry of Health and Social ServicesWorking together on the provision of training, service delivery, policy guidelines and care protocols, quality control and reporting.

Kilimanjaro Christian Medical College (Tumaini University at KCMC)Working in partnership to deliver our local diploma on HIV care and management

Tanzanian Prison ServicesWorking together to provide care and support to prison communities

Kilimanjaro Christian Medical CentreActs as one of our referral hospitals, as well as recieving training and providing vital facility-community links

The Catholic Archdiocese of TaboraOur partner in providing psychosocial support for children

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania, Northern DioceseOur partner in the provision of support activities for people living with HIV

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Past Work

Recent partnership projects include:

The Maisha Kamilifu project – with USAID, 2006-2011

This project worked to strengthen healthcare systems – moving towards sustainable and quality HIV service delivery. The project aims to ensure all adults and children affected by HIV and AIDS have access to quality, holistic, rehabilitative and palliative care enabling them to live life in all its fullness.

Wezesha project – with the Department for International Development – Rapid Funding Envelope for Tanzania, 2006-2011

This project aims to empower people living with HIV, by enhancing referral and psychosocial support mechanisms for people living with HIV. It achieves this through use of patient support centres and support groups and by providing peoiple living with HIV with the skills and resources to effect change within themselves, their families and their communities.

The Boresha project – with the European Union, 2006-2013

This project aimed to improve access to comprehensive HIV and AIDS care and support services for vulnerable groups living with HIV and AIDS in Kenya and Tanzania. These vulnerable groups included prisoners and prison communities, children infected and affected by HIV and AIDS (CABA) and health workers living with HIV.

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Tanzania Chartiy

Supporting our work

Mildmay Tanzania is always seeking new opportunities to work with NGOs and funders in developing programmes to tackle HIV. We are currently seeking key partners to scale up HIV care and support in prisons (inmates, prison staff and families, communities surrounding prisons) – this is a continuation of the Boresha Programme work

Please contact the UK office in the first instance to discuss opportunities. Call +44(0)20 7613 6311 or email


To make a donation to the work in Tanzania, please call the UK office on +44(0)20 7613 6311 and specify that you would like your donation to go to Mildmay Tanzania. Or make a donation online and make a note that you would like it to go to the Tanzania programme.

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