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Transforming Lives


It is hard to really express in words the difference the work Mildmay carries out day on day makes to the lives of so many people, both here in the UK and in Africa. The simplest way to show how your support can really change a life, is to hear just a few of the stories from people who lives have been transformed thanks to Mildmay and thanks to our incredible supporters.

Thanks also to the following clients who agreed to share their stories.


Margaret’s story:

Margaret was referred to Mildmay from Barts hospital where she had been admitted after collapsing with a severe stroke and being diagnosed with HIV. Margaret was referred to Mildmay for day service and physiotherapy. Margaret arrived at Mildmay wheelchair dependent and in need of a full time carer. She was unable to manage with any day to day tasks such as washing, dressing, cooking, or any personal care.

Margaret was assessed by Mildmay’s senior physiotherapist-Mahendra Mali, and the hard work on her road to recovery began.

DSCN0124Slowly and steadily improvement began to show. Margaret’s hard work and determination paid off and today Margaret walks well with just a stick for support. All her basic functional activity such as ability to dress and wash herself, eat her food and do her own shopping and cleaning has returned. “I can even do my own cooking and shop for what I need” She no longer requires a carer or to take taxis to get her from A to B. “Before I came to Mildmay I was weak. Since I started working with Mahendra, and he makes me work very hard-I am now strong. I don’t need any help from others, I can look after and help myself and It’s a very good feeling!. The best moment was being able to play with my new grandson”

It’s taken time but for Margaret every hour of hard work was worth it; it has given her back the precious gift of independence which at one time seemed so far from reach.

Liam’s story:


Liam was a secondary school teacher when he became acutely sick and was taken into hospital where he was diagnosed with HIV. He was referred to Mildmay’s Inpatient Unit and when he arrived he could not walk or move his neck. Any movement at all caused severe dizziness and he was completely bed bound. With support from the inter-disciplinary team at Mildmay Liam began to regain his health. Physiotherapy developed strength in his muscles and slowly he re-learnt how to walk, sit, stand and to use the stairs. After just three months Liam was able to return home. He now regularly attends Mildmay day service to support his independence and recovery. Liam no longer needs a crutch and uses the gym where he walks at three miles per hour on the treadmill-quite an incredible achievement! Liam also provides inspiration and wonderful support to other patients at the beginning of their journey to recovery.

Patricia’s story:

0400Nine year old Patricia was brought to Mildmay Uganda by police officers after being found almost lifeless, living in  a pig sty. She had been subjected to terrible cruelty, was emaciated, weak, hungry and her limbs were paralysed. She was unable to walk, speak or eat and weighed a mere 12.6kg. Her lips were visibly swollen as if she had been bitten by an animal. At Mildmay Patricia received around-the-clock nursing care alongside a wide range of integrated services from the multi-disciplinary team to facilitate her recovery. Patricia has now been discharged safely having made astonishing strides, and continues to attend Mildmay for rehabilitation and physiotherapy. She is also delighted to be back at school with friends and looking forward to a brighter future.

Rhoda’s story:

Community Health WorkersRhoda is living with HIV in Western Kenya. Aged 23 she was gravely ill and weighed just 24kg. The team of community health workers, trained by Mildmay, worked with Rhoda to regain her health and strength. They used tree branches to create physiotherapy bars that she used to strengthen her bones “For so long I lived in isolation and felt hopeless. The community health team has helped me get back on my feet. They’ve helped me start my own kitchen garden, growing good fresh vegetables that are wonderful for my health.”

Name has been changed to protect patient confidentiality but the case study is genuine and taken directly via interview from the Service User