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Current Work


Mildmay UK is a charitable HIV hospital located in East London. We are Europe’s only centre dedicated to rehabilitation for people with HIV associated brain injury. This occurs when HIV enters the brain and causes symptoms which are similar to severe dementia. The specialised care and rehabilitation for people with this condition is now Mildmay’s area of expertise. With this care 80% of our patients return home to independent living and the quality of life improves for all.

Our UK hospital currently provides highly skilled medical and nursing care, treatment and rehabilitation which combines a range of therapies. These include counselling occuptional therapy, physiotherapy, speech and language, music and art therapies and mental health services.

We currently have a 26 bed Inpatient Unit and Day Care Services. In September 2014 Mildmay moved into our brand new purpose built hospital. This new hospital has increased our Inpatient beds from 16 to 26 and we now have  greater capacity for our Day Care Services. We also have future plans to develop our education and training work.

For more information about our UK work and facilities go to Our UK Hospital.


0809-resizeMldmay works with over 100,000 of the most vulnerable and hard to reach people living with and affected by HIV. This includes Children and their families, HIV positive health workers and vulnerable groups. Mildmay trains many ordinary people to provide basic health care and social support for people living with HIV in their communities, enabling those in the remotest regions to receive the care they need.

As well as specialised medical care, support and education there are many other factors to consider to enable people to return to health and realise their potential. For example, Mildmay provides training to support income generation. Taking HIV medication without food can cause terrible side effects and makes the medication less effective or makes it impossible for people to take at all. Mildmay distributes care packages to ensure there is enough food in the household so children, for example, can take their medication and attend school.

Our program of education includes the training of community healthcare workers, senior government officials, prison wardens and drug rehabilitation teams.

For more information about Mildmay’s work in Africa visit:

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